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"If you can dream it you can do it."

– Walt Disney


Fall 2020

A professor and his psychology students  study the story of scientist Fredrick Williams, a scientist who went crazy inside of his own mansion. Upon a field-trip to the mansion itself to study the effect  of  fear on human emotions, they discover they are all a little mad.

Winter 2020

A little known secret is that every 30 years a new Santa Claus is chosen to replace present Santa. So what could go wrong when two eccentric elves are sent to bring back and train a man who says he hates Christmas? Just about everything

"Miller, who plays the Nova role as a mute orphan in the latest “Apes” movie, will play a young American who befriends Anastasia in the re-telling of the classic story. Set in 1917, “Anastasia” sees Anastasia Romanov escape through a time portal when her family is threatened by Vladimir Lenin, and finds herself in the year 1988."-Variety

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Spring 2019

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“Walt Before Mickey” is the inspiring and insightful story of a great man who realized his dreams because he always finished what he started and did his work to the best of his ability."

- Dove.Org

This all star cast seeks to create a parody for the ages. Purge of Kingdoms 

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“The Royals” star William Moseley has joined Shirley MacLaine and Poppy Drayton in MVP Studios’ live-action family adventure “A Little Mermaid,” inspired by the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale. 

- Variety 

Spanglish film about a family who moves to back to Miami to take care of their now widowed Abuela. They move into a haunted house and soon find out what the ghosts true intentions are.

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Although obviously designed to appeal to young boys, it’s something that their nostalgic, baseball-loving fathers will enjoy watching with them.

-The Hollywood Reporter